The only fish in the bay

If I hear another announcement about a hose pipe ban or a double dip recession I’m going to ….to ……to, well,most probably sit back and do nothing.
I mean to start with the hose pipe ban, I’ve been back from holiday now for almost three weeks and it’s practically rained everyday! Somedays particularly heavy rain,over long periods of time. Yet we are still told to be thrifty with our water. Where’s it all going then??
I can tell you, yep, all the bulging rivers are emptying their thick muddy soup like water right in front of one of my favourite marks. Just waiting for some busybody from the water board to find it all.
Last nights session in the soup was Looking like a bank, yea I’ve said it LRF Blank. But true to good form that blank was averted by the only fish In the bay, a misguided herring content to swim about in soup.


I spent about three hours in the rain using my Nories seabass program as an LRF rod, wow…. In my eyes this is probably the most versitile rod in my collection ( well lets say on a par with the Nories jighead snapper) it wasn’t a mistake, I didn’t select the wrong rod. No I wanted to test a theory that brewed in my mind from Last monday when for the first time the seabass program & I went out hunting for guilt head bream, Putting the “tide controller” through its paced with various small plugs in the 5g range I was super impresses by the feed back. I began fixing on a few lighter jigheads, down to 2.5g. Although I drew a big fat blank on the bream I did manage a mullet, Well sort of……. I was left thinking about how well the rod handled the light lrf lures . The Art of fishing web site suggest s its a specialist rod ( which it is) Ben also suggests ” this rod is NOT for everybody” here where I think he might be wrong. The Rod is weighted as a 5g – 12g lure rod. This makes it sound very specialist and limited…… But limited is not something Nories do. Like I said at the start of the thread I successfully used the sea bass program as my LRF rod and although I only managed one fish that was down to conditions. The rod gave me the feed from a 1.8g jighead with an ecogear aqua strawtail that many lesser rods could never do. The price makes it a specialist rod but if I didn’t buy it where would the economy be …? Triple dip I would imagine. Just make make sure the UK survives I bought a few other bits and pieces like a new “Prime area “bag for containing all my LRF gear ( well some of it) and a Stella 1000 fe .
I’ve not even talked about my fishing wagon yet. I managed to sink a good few thousand on that. All in all I can sleep better in the knowledge that the hose pipe ban should be lifted as I found all the excess water, I single handily saved the economy and I found out that the Nories seabass program tide controller is a very versatile lure rod indeed.

5 thoughts on “The only fish in the bay

  1. Hi Andrew.

    Enjoying the blog.
    How are you finding the Stella compared to your Certates? Another step up in smoothness and quality or similar? Be interested to hear an unbiased view as you own both.

    Cheers J

    • Hi John, In answer to your last question the Stella does nip the certate when it comes to a smooth reel. The handle seems to Turn for much longer with little effort. I will keep my Certates but if I’m honest I don’t like the fact they will need to be sent away soon ( each year) for a service. I hate to be without my gear for any length of time. The mag seal in the Certate are the best and the worst thing in my mind.

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