Visit to an ole mark, Pie and chips, one dozen pollock, a pout and my first black Bream of the year

After loading up the fishing van with the Tict Inbite 710 tb rod, a stella 2500fe reel with a spool of sunline small game 2.5 flurocarbon main line, my prime area bag loaded with my New Ecogear & Aqua gear test products, Not forgetting my trusty majorcraft L600 6 meter landing pole.

I left the house at 7.30 bought a pie & chips at 7.45 arrived at a old Elphinstone 7.50 landed my first Black bream of the year by 7.55pm then I ate my pie n chips, caught loads of pollock & a wee pouting

The night was fast and furious the pollock were much larger than the ones I’ve been catching recently.

The wind picked up and the bites eased off, my lucky pink aqua strawtail grub lived to fight another round. I was happy as I had ticked off a load of fish in a short time and blasted my three species a night target.

I moved off to the ole mark, a large line of LRF boys already fishing. One or two might have noticed my new Ecogear team jacket ๐Ÿ˜‰

I didn’t really fish, partly because it was already too busy and partly due to me yapping to the lads.

A few cuttle fish had been caught so I pulled the tict rod already rigged from Elphinstone clipped on a squid jig and began catching loads of cuttle fish, or should that read hooked loads of cuttle fish but could not land any of them. My now infamous 6 meter telescopic landing net could just about reach the water as long as you lay on your belly with your arm out but still they evaded me. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I put it down to using the wrong rod. The Tick is far too powerful for them. last time I went for the squid I used a solid tip reins rod, still powerful in the blank but really bendy at the top end. The Tict inbite is a great rod for almost everything but maybe not a good egi rod. I had a Nories slow retrieve 74 ( non F version) in the fishing wagon too.

Younger’s fishing T5 Sportline with a custom camping interior.

Some of my fish!

LRF Pouting, Ecogear Aqua strawtail grub

Finesse fishing in Plymouth using Ecogear Strawtail grubs

LRF Pollock using Ecogear Aqua Strawtail grub.
The Pollock was caught using ecogear lures. The Bag is a Prime area lure fishing bag.

LRF Black Bream, Small but feisty. Caught using Ecogear Aqua Straw tail grub on a 0.9 fine jig head also from ecogear
Black Bream on a lure

Ecogear catching Bream
a Small black bream caught using a Tict inbite rod, Stella 2500fe reel and Ecogear aqua straw tail grub

Tict inbite LRF fishing with more power

The tict inbite, 7.10 in length 0.9g – 12 g light lure rod. The rod bag is unusual made from fantastically thick neoprene. it’s so thick it doesn’t fold in half! In my opinion this type of rod case should be the minimum standard I would expect from every rod sold. The Reins RAZ Ajiringer-Z has a similar rod bag but no where near as thick. The Nories rods come in a pathetic bag similar to most rod bags. So good start Tict!

The rod sports a stealthy black finish in two sections. The handle is EVA & unusual as it tapers in along the blank. Making it a very comfortable rod to hold.
The Fuji K guides are also unusual in that they are with out doubt the smallest guides I have ever seen, If your eyesight is not sharp these guides might be a tad frustrating.
So is the Tict rod suitable for UK light rock fishing? in my view yes, yes, yes.
For me especially I like my LRF rods to have more power, I always prefer Tube tip rods over solid tips. It has a similar feel to my Nories Slow retrieve 710 but sits somewhere between the SR710 & the Nories Seabass program. Both fantastic rods that I rate Highly. The price of the tict rod provided by Art of Fishing is so competitive its a no brainer, the Japanese market is often much cheaper to buy rods but you will have to risk the rat run of damaged boxes, duty paid on landing to the UK & the ever increasing stick up fro exchange rates not to mention a total lack of warranty of support. Buy in the UK get UK support.
At the same time as the Tick rod arrived Ben & Jo also had a fine selection of YAMAGA BLANKS rods, among the fine selection was the Blue Current 80 casting 1g -11g and weighing in at only 81grams. I think this rod will be a close contender for the “Mid priced Slightly heaver LRF style rod” But having not fished it I couldn’t comment on how the
Blue Current 80 & the Tict inbite 710 compare.
I know Sam Bosch from Menorca Spain has landed some of the largest fish I have ever seen on such a light rod. ๐Ÿ˜‰ One day I might get the opportunity to do a direct comparison but in the mean time I know I have chosen the right rod for me.
I have been balancing the Tict with a 1000FE Stella and they seem to make a good partnership.So did I need the Tict rod, yerp……… Do you????
With the Squid around in the next few weeks, and the possibility of some larger Bass showing up I’m gona have the right rod ready.
If your thinking a rod that heavy ( in LRF terms) won’t have the sensitivity you might be mistaken. Last night was the second outing with the Tict and the first fish came from the smallest of bites resulting in this gobie, the rest of the night was spent pulling in 11 micro Pollock. All caught on Ecogear LRF lures, either a
Aqua Katsu Mebaru Shirasu in chartreuse or a white Aqua straw tail on a 1.4g jighead or a Jackall Mameta Mini Jigging Casting Metal Jig 3 g in Sardine





The power of the power isome

Still dreaming of far away shores like Cuba & Mexico last night seen me fishing with my LRF travel rod in Plymouth. It’s a Graphiteleader finezza compatto 0.6-8g and what a beauty it is, & certainly deserves more airtime than I currently give it. The reason for using it last night was I brought a newbie a long, he was set up using my Nories rockfish bottom UL and soon got the hang of the light stuff.
After deserting our first mark due to lack of bites the loyal band of LRF’ers moved on to search for more active waters. I won’t say the fishing was easy but we did get our wish with the active water all be it very murky still from the recent rain.
Opting for a size 12 hook 1.5 g split shot and a whole power isome rigged wacky my first fish was a flounder


After a long, long period of no action the same length of rag imatation in pink hooked me a goby at roughly the same time a Adam landed one.


A bit of walking up and down the harbour and a slight Change of location
And Adam caught a herring and lost what we think could have been a bass. Loose drag ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But I managed to land one with the help of Matt Newcombe my new bass handling assistant ๐Ÿ™‚



Although it was a slow night all round the whole crew managed a few fish and the banter was in top gear.
Adam the newbie had a great time, it’s hard not to when to land a couple of fish on your first session .
Good stuff all round and praise be to the people at Marukyu for bringing us magic in the form of a rag worm.

The only fish in the bay

If I hear another announcement about a hose pipe ban or a double dip recession I’m going to ….to ……to, well,most probably sit back and do nothing.
I mean to start with the hose pipe ban, I’ve been back from holiday now for almost three weeks and it’s practically rained everyday! Somedays particularly heavy rain,over long periods of time. Yet we are still told to be thrifty with our water. Where’s it all going then??
I can tell you, yep, all the bulging rivers are emptying their thick muddy soup like water right in front of one of my favourite marks. Just waiting for some busybody from the water board to find it all.
Last nights session in the soup was Looking like a bank, yea I’ve said it LRF Blank. But true to good form that blank was averted by the only fish In the bay, a misguided herring content to swim about in soup.


I spent about three hours in the rain using my Nories seabass program as an LRF rod, wow…. In my eyes this is probably the most versitile rod in my collection ( well lets say on a par with the Nories jighead snapper) it wasn’t a mistake, I didn’t select the wrong rod. No I wanted to test a theory that brewed in my mind from Last monday when for the first time the seabass program & I went out hunting for guilt head bream, Putting the “tide controller” through its paced with various small plugs in the 5g range I was super impresses by the feed back. I began fixing on a few lighter jigheads, down to 2.5g. Although I drew a big fat blank on the bream I did manage a mullet, Well sort of……. I was left thinking about how well the rod handled the light lrf lures . The Art of fishing web site suggest s its a specialist rod ( which it is) Ben also suggests ” this rod is NOT for everybody” here where I think he might be wrong. The Rod is weighted as a 5g – 12g lure rod. This makes it sound very specialist and limited…… But limited is not something Nories do. Like I said at the start of the thread I successfully used the sea bass program as my LRF rod and although I only managed one fish that was down to conditions. The rod gave me the feed from a 1.8g jighead with an ecogear aqua strawtail that many lesser rods could never do. The price makes it a specialist rod but if I didn’t buy it where would the economy be …? Triple dip I would imagine. Just make make sure the UK survives I bought a few other bits and pieces like a new “Prime area “bag for containing all my LRF gear ( well some of it) and a Stella 1000 fe .
I’ve not even talked about my fishing wagon yet. I managed to sink a good few thousand on that. All in all I can sleep better in the knowledge that the hose pipe ban should be lifted as I found all the excess water, I single handily saved the economy and I found out that the Nories seabass program tide controller is a very versatile lure rod indeed.

Unusual things happening in the Plymouth area.

First of all apologies for not updating this page in a while, I have been fishing but always catching the same fish types. I some time wonder if anybody is interested in reading about Similar sessions, unusually similar but similar all the same.

Loads of Herring are about right now, to be fair and oddly enough they seem to have been about since October last year but now they are here in big numbers and they love the Ecogear aqua gear range of LRF baits.. The big surprise to me is the Mackerel have been about in small numbers throughout the winter too, but like the Herring they too are now in bigger numbers…. Weird or what?

If thats not odd enough what about catching Scad this time of year??? yes out finishing last night (three separate marks each producing different species.) The infamous scad was lured into the hands of my fishing bud Mark Powers, ( fishing with a Aqua gear Aji straight) This particular mark has been popular with Herring & Mackerel too. ( no pun intended… oh yes it was)

But the strangest, craziest thing of all is a new Tackle shop has opened in Plymouth, ‘like we need one of them’ I hear you say but wait, the sign above the door is sporting the now internationally renowned brand of the “ART of FISHING” Yes you heard me, we Janner’s now have our very own dedicated “lure Boutique” I say boutique as the shop is huge, bright and full of rare & exotic items you will not see in other shops in the UK ( except the mothership in St Merryn) and when was the last time you sat on a comfy sofa in a tackle shop. Not only that the sofa is placed in front of a big TV with videos of the Norries pro staff whipping fish out like no tomorrow ( oh I want the go to Japan)

 Lure Fishing Specialists  Eco Gear, Nories Fishing tackle Plymouth Lure Fishing Art of fishing Devon

It was my intention to pop down before the doors opened to take a few photographs of the team! but as the doors opened to let me in the hoards rushed the shop to get in first, well after me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Best of luck Ben & Jo but somehow I don’t think you will need it. BAT MAN & ROBIN ( Matt & Marq) will bring in the coins.

The Art of Fishing is located in the Historic Barbican opposite Harbour sports.

For those of you wondering what ย I bought…….. Well I have a holiday coming up so decided to mate my GraphiteLeader compatto LRF rod

with the Argento HRF version.


Below is a few images taken on the iPhone ย from ย the last few fishing nights.










Mackerel, Herring, Poor cod, Gold Sinny Wrasse, Long spine scorpion fish & Scad……….But the most bazar thing happening right now in Plymouth….. Where is all the Pollock.


Not really had much chance to get out and fish recently, so to make up for that I’ve been spending!!!! After watching Danny & Matt playing about with these baitcasting wands I needed one. The savage gear road runner was the first to arrive in the post. A great rod for the money but I still need to get out and use it. Next to arrive was the shimano scorpion dc7 reel, a fine but if kit for the money but I need to get out and test it.

I had ordered a majorcraft travel rod but it was out of stock ( thankfully)
So I managed to get a megabass evoluzion jota II 7g -21g an amazing rod with titanium wires along the rod to increase recovery and sensitivity I only picked it up two nights ago and haven’t had a chance to try it……..ok there is a pattern forming here. I need to get out more. Well after picking the megabass rod I went on the light gear in a local Plymouth mark. Using a Nories slow retrieve 710f and 2.5 lb sunline fluro on a 2506 Certate. I had a ball! First cast a herring second cast a pollock resulting in loads of lost gear but over 40 fish for one & a half hours of fishing. Nice one to celebrate I arranged to buy a Nories seabass program tidal controller.



“Andrew what camera should I buy”,

Ok not strictly on topic but stick with me………..I often get asked about compact cameras

“which one should I buy” to be honist I don’t really keep up on the latest trends as I tend to recommend the Canon G series ( the latest one being the G12) I have a G7 and see no reason to change…….or do I??? Enter the Panasonic Lumix ts-3 waterproof camera.

Here is a test…pactgrouptest/ if you cant be bothered to read it trust me the Panasonic with it’s Leica lens will last you a got while.

The big 35mm style digital cameras are always going to give you best results!!! huge files with fantastic sensors for capturing detail……amazing detail in low light if needed. These beauties are not always the rock hopping anglers first choice and I can see why especially as the mid range digital SLR’s have very little weather seals and the salty air will eventually destroy the body & lens over time with prolonged exposure to the harsh elements pardon the pun. You also have the extra baggage & weight that goes along with pro gear.

I’ve said it before but I have the upmost respect for Photographers / anglers, Henry springs to mind, How difficult must it be to decide between both passions. Imagine your fishing partner is pulling in Bass, as a photographer to want to get the best angle, exposure & composition while at the same time you just want to fish. ENTER the camera above…….. it might not have all the manual override buttons or the choice of lenses but it’s small, clever & water proof. Catch & Release is a large part of my fishing which can limit bragging rights so a good photograph can not only preserve the well deserved rights but also provide images for the Blog.