Big top water bass

Boom!!!!! Get the net!
Moments later




Although the Seabass program from nories is not an LRF rod thats what I have mainly been using it for. It’s easy to forget this rod has been designed to fish for Bass.
Casting my new seaspin Pro-q 90 top water lure into a dark almost cave like mark wasn’t easy but i managed with little effort to get the lure to the back wall knowing full well the Bass live there I let the pro-90 sit there as suggested on the box, very slowly I began a retrieve then stopped again. This is where it became a blur, I do however remember thinking I had brought a Knife to a nuclear rocket fight.
To fish this mark the drag is set to freaking high. The reason for this is the lack of space/ room before the fish cuts you off on barnicals from the supporting pier legs.
But the Nories hero bent in half then bent a bit more before Clark Kent the soft natured man became super man hard as steel and ready to kick A@@.

You might remember the last time I pulled the Sea Spin pro q-90  from it’s box, I had super high expectations which where met by a kamikaze seagull.

I’m Floundered

While I caught a couple of nice flounder a ummmm eerrrr  seagull  and a herring. Marcus from surly was the star of the night. Read his blog it’s well worth it.
A quick summery of events….
On arrival I was informed about a large ( extremely large for LRF standards) bass caught moments before my arrival. I look across to congratulate Marcus but he was a bit tied up!!!!! I had met Marcus last year just as he was thinking about getting into LRF so to see him well and truly hooked, sporting a majorcraft zalts and a shimano rarenium 3000 was a pleasing sight. I wondered over to enquire about the lure that just caught the monster bass. I was reminded of a scene from the film ” something about Mary ” you know the Frank & Beans chapter ” right 1,2 & ” we got a bleeder!”


This image was taken just after I managed to remove one of the hooks that had fortunately (or unfortunately depending on who’s arm it’s in) gone through and come out back out again allowing me, with my trusty surgical forceps from AGM fishing to crush the barb and push back through the entry hole. The image you see above was the next stage and I promise you it was much deeper than it looks in the image. Tugging & pulling the hook it just wasn’t coming free. The options seemed limited to push it through like the first hook crush the barb and he’s a free man, or yank it out!!!  What would you do????

Me……… I yanked it out. Fortunately marcus was a big brave boy, he didn’t make a sound and thankfully didn’t punch me either.

He got back to fishing and was straight into another Bass.

I’d not even rigged my kit up!!!!

Choosing the Nories Sea Bass program tide controller I wanted to unleash my New secret weapon  a Seaspin Pro-Q 90 , 10g ‘s of sheer who could resist bling! it launched out like a missile. I left it dead sticking for a wee while then began my assault on the bass below, unfortunately I was outflanked by Air support in the form of a kamikaze Seagull. I screamed , I swore and then i got distracted by the sound of the sunline braid pealing of the spool of the Stella 1000fe making such lovely music. Back to reality and a call for help , my fellow LRF’ers stopped laughing and helped out. Mike got a towel out of my Van and went about the bird with a blowtorch and a pair of pliers, well I reckon he would have done if I had a blowtorch in the van.

Thanks mike!!! The seagull flew off, emptied it’s bowles and all his mates flew off with him.

I put my new Sea Spin Pro-q 90 back in its box for another day, very confident in its abilities.

Above is a weapon capable of taking big cast a leap further, A lure for the bigger pluggers amongst us. I will be giving this lure away at the end of this update.

Back to the action, all went quiet for a while before I felt a decent tug on a ecogear aqua gear swim shrimp ‘4; in pear with size 2 1.8g skip in the shade jig…. Thank you vey much a decent sized flounder.

Light Rock Fishing or Street fishing?

LRF Flounder Plymouth

Again all went silent……. Marcus was getting bothered by a few smelt, the end result to that little duel was Marcus 1 Smelt 0

Mike gave me his new Megabass LRF rod ( a real beauty) I asked him if he had caught anything on it, his reply was ” no not yet”

Finesse Fishing Plymouth Flounder on LRF gear

Well thats Mikes rod Blooded!!! Another flounder 😉

On going joke with us as Mike did the same to me twice on two separate rods last year.

A totally fantastic night, new fishing pals with like minded attitudes to modern lure fishing with catch, release , and have a laugh .

I managed a Herring as most of the Lads were leaving, Staying on I had a good chat to a Chap called frankie who was desperate to blood his new Majorcraft Crostage LRF rod and by preserving he did, I mighty fine Pollock.

SO the big lure give away!!!  To Win a Super Seaspin Pro-Q 145  All answers on face book  hit like   “Light Rock fishing UK’    and drop you answers under this blog link . I’m floundered

post an answer to this cryptic question

What predator did I manage to catch with my first cast with a Seaspin pro Q 90?

a A Gurt big Bass

b A Seagull ( ha like who would be stupid enough to do that)

C A Flounder

D A Herring

Answers will be picked at random at the end of the month

The Sunline always shines on the righteous

Some of you will know I get a golden ticket to fish a totally exclusive mark (MOD) this mark has never disappointed, only exceeded my expectations each & every time we fish it. Sure for Big Bass the back tide is a winning formula, When the down lights are on the fish are active. But for the LRF angler using a balanced outfit any tide in almost any conditions work. I mean last night was like casting into tar, I’m not joking.

But still we managed to find a small area with a strong light shining into the water and we caught fish. I’m not gona lie and say it was a fish a cast but we both went into double figures on the Light rock fishing gear. Mostly Pollock & Herring but I managed to wrangle a fat bass from below the pontoon we fished from.

Danny borrowed my Nories rock fish Bottom UL which he liked the sensitivity of but he prefers a much more bendy rod. The rockfish Bottom UL can be a stiff rod but my catch rate is far greater than any other rod I use. Having said that a good ole bend in a rod is part of the excitement of LRF, Ultra light fishing.

I took the Nories Seabass program tide controller out for another session on light jig heads, starting off with a 2.3g ecogear shirasu fine jig head & an Ecogearaqua strawtail in active Chartreuse Glow

Mr Pollock was first to entertain my Lure “On the Drop” ( OTD )



Things went quiet for a while so I cracked a Beer. ” the Magic hour” ( the magic hour is a term in photography where the streetlights are on but still light out side.)


Fishing LRF I love the magic hour some marks with fixed downlighting can produce some great fish. The herring you see above was one of about 5 caught with Danny landing about the same amount. Although not easy it would seem the fish can still see the lures through this thick muddy water.

A reassuring sight was a few shoals of Sand eels this surely should trigger the bigger silver bars, and with that thought I bagged a fat bass.


I love the rod, blown away by the smoothness of the reel but the fluro from sunline was the best choice of the night. With the wind getting up a braid would have made things a wee bit harder. By using the fluro I was able to cast more accurately.

The power of the power isome

Still dreaming of far away shores like Cuba & Mexico last night seen me fishing with my LRF travel rod in Plymouth. It’s a Graphiteleader finezza compatto 0.6-8g and what a beauty it is, & certainly deserves more airtime than I currently give it. The reason for using it last night was I brought a newbie a long, he was set up using my Nories rockfish bottom UL and soon got the hang of the light stuff.
After deserting our first mark due to lack of bites the loyal band of LRF’ers moved on to search for more active waters. I won’t say the fishing was easy but we did get our wish with the active water all be it very murky still from the recent rain.
Opting for a size 12 hook 1.5 g split shot and a whole power isome rigged wacky my first fish was a flounder


After a long, long period of no action the same length of rag imatation in pink hooked me a goby at roughly the same time a Adam landed one.


A bit of walking up and down the harbour and a slight Change of location
And Adam caught a herring and lost what we think could have been a bass. Loose drag 😦

But I managed to land one with the help of Matt Newcombe my new bass handling assistant 🙂



Although it was a slow night all round the whole crew managed a few fish and the banter was in top gear.
Adam the newbie had a great time, it’s hard not to when to land a couple of fish on your first session .
Good stuff all round and praise be to the people at Marukyu for bringing us magic in the form of a rag worm.

Bass frenzy

Every now & then I get to fish in Poseidon’s play ground. ( an MOD Mark, enough said) It never disappoints!!!! while most of the guys fish there are on bait and do really well, I mostly go light. ( LRF)

Last Tuesday I went with Danny & his brother. Danny & I went light and a two hours session  produced a manic 20 minutes of 2lb Bass 6 total (three each). We also managed about 50  Pollock between us & a wee flounder.

UFC Pollock, Heavy weight Bass & poor Cod


I managed to get a golden ticket into a very restricted area that always fishes really for me.

I took along my Nories RockFish Bottom UL, 2010 Certate reel spooled up with Sunline Rockfish PE 0.3 braid with a two foot Sunline 6lb Siglon FC leader.

Straight away I was into pollock, Some people moan about Pollock being rats of the ocean but me, I like em. I like the opportunity to test out lures that might not always get a look in due to the mega success I’m having with Ecogear Aqua lures mainly strawtail grubs & the Power Isome rag worm imitation.

On thursday I started off with an aqua Strawtail  grub in Orange with a 1.8 g Shirasu Fine Head size 6 hook also from ecogear   as the games begun.

The pollock were unusually feisty battling all the way to the pontoon I was casting of many of them taking a last effort deep dive taking line off an already tight drag. the stamp of pollock was pretty good really with sizes ranging from 1lb – to almost 3lb on the bogas

I switched over to a regular straw tail in Pink  ( no scent but much tougher than the Aqua so tend to last longer)  first cast, I let it sink before lifting the rod gently………..Yep fish on but this wasn’t a pollock. this fish really put up a fight taking line, making dives off, surfacing allowing me to see the tell tail flash of silver before shooting off into another direction.

The rod & reel both worked well, for me my current favourite combination.

Danny came along to my rescue with a landing net, 2 1/2 pound on the bogas. Great night! a few more fish came along including a Poor cod.

I also took out for the first time my latest edition, a Nories rough surf 88, beautiful rod seems really well balanced with a Certate 2500. I fished with a Zenith  z-claw ‘deadfish’ I had Sunline Momentum 4×4 16lb with a 16lb leader also sunline siglon fluro carbon.

I must admit the calling for the light gear was stronger so went back to the LRF rod of the night.