Cor Fu, Living the Bream dream

Just came back from an awesome trip to the lush green Greek Island of Corfu.

I took my travel kit with me which consists of two Graphiteleader travel rods. a 1000fe shimanio Stella loaded with a fresh spool of Sunline rockfish 0.4 pe for use on the LRF Finezza 0.6 – 8g & a 2500R certate loaded with 16lb momentum also from Sunline ready to strap to the HRF Argento compatto.

My first outing was really frustrating, I was fishing 100 yards from my hotel lodge and was getting loads of tiny but aggressive bites. I went down as far as a size 10 hook but still struggled to catch. I gave up in favour of some small plugs. No sooner than attaching a wee Dawia Sc Shiner weighing in at a megga 3.5g I spotted a decent size fish. Assuming it was a mullet I made the cast anyway……..bang straight into the mouth of passing fish. A good tussle and a welcome flash of silver confirmed it wasn’t a Mullet but a Bass.

The rock I was standing on made landing the 2 1/2 pound beauty difficult  , so carefully I hand lined the fish up & thumbed it. I could feel a treble point near my index finder and tried to get a safer grip but the lost the fish and my wee Shiner plug as my Uni to Uni knot gave up. Gutted but happy to get my hand on a fish.
The next trip was a mile away and I finally managed to catch one of the pesky lil bream. Green lures are the order of the day in the form of an Aquagear aji straight on a size ten decoy rocket 0.9g I also managed a beautiful rock fish with amazing colours.
My last session was an hour before leaving, I took some local advice and hired a pedlow. Straight away trolling an ecogear plug I had a good fish on but managed to loose it. This happened a few times. Next I tried a few plugs but I couldn’t get them deep enough so back to jig heads. Due to the lack of contact I went for a small hook. The decoy rocket size ten went on with a bit of extra split to get me down. surprisingly the fish stayed on much longer showing itself to be a much bigger bream probably just under a pound but this one managed to straighten my hook. With time running out I was getting desperate. I put a spin mad Polish lure on and got interest but I couldn’t keep my fish.
The savour of the day was an ecogear shrimp lure zx35. I’m so pleased to have caught on this lure as I have had it for ages bit never had the confidence to keep it on long enough. I ended up with about 12 decent bream.
You will notice the lack of photography to accompany my blog bit unfortunately I lost my camera bag over side of the pedlow…… 🙂 all the holiday pics gone in an instant.
Like Matt Newcome said no pics .,,.,, It never happened 😦 Unfortunately we don’t have any holiday images of our baby abroad either. I don’t really give a monkeys about the equipment although the camera bag a billingham hadley has been with me for 20 years on all my trips abroad.