Back in the devils backyard

Armed with another golden ticket allowing access to a very special mark I had very high expectations!!!!!
The mark usually fishes so well on the back tide……..not last night!
I got home rather deflated, but in reflection I had an alright night.
With the sun behind us our long shadows loomed inside the area we wanted to fish, this mark also fishes well in the dark! While waiting for the darkness I thought I spotted a Bass. Sight casting a Nories Shrilpin 2” lure with a ecogear shirasu jig head seemed to spook the fish. I seen another bass and began reeling in much quicker than usual……. My Rod, a Nories sea bass program tide controller slowly looped over, seaweed? The drag on the reel slowly turned picking up speed gradually. It must be weed in the current, no sign of any head shaking resistance. I continued reeling in. My Mate Tony went for the net, I didn’t question him thinking he was kindly going to help me with the mess on the hook. All of a sudden the line went slack…. I’m free cool. Then the usually calm Tony shouts reel faster it’s coming towards you…… With in seconds a fine specimen was in the net. All very unexciting, a good few reports of mullet suggest they go like stink. My mullet was rather uneventful but a first for me.




As the sun sank into Plymouth Hoe I was bracing myself for a night of crazy Bass fishing. All about large takes from the surface producing. Ripples every where, dorsil fins up out of the water it had to be a good night. I went slightly smaller on my jighead down to a size ten 0.9 gram with a ecogear aquagear aji straight.

Followed by a rather healthy
Scorpion fish


The next and only fish was a large mackerel! He made my night, he gave me the fight the mullet should have. He was awesome



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The power of the power isome

Still dreaming of far away shores like Cuba & Mexico last night seen me fishing with my LRF travel rod in Plymouth. It’s a Graphiteleader finezza compatto 0.6-8g and what a beauty it is, & certainly deserves more airtime than I currently give it. The reason for using it last night was I brought a newbie a long, he was set up using my Nories rockfish bottom UL and soon got the hang of the light stuff.
After deserting our first mark due to lack of bites the loyal band of LRF’ers moved on to search for more active waters. I won’t say the fishing was easy but we did get our wish with the active water all be it very murky still from the recent rain.
Opting for a size 12 hook 1.5 g split shot and a whole power isome rigged wacky my first fish was a flounder


After a long, long period of no action the same length of rag imatation in pink hooked me a goby at roughly the same time a Adam landed one.


A bit of walking up and down the harbour and a slight Change of location
And Adam caught a herring and lost what we think could have been a bass. Loose drag 😦

But I managed to land one with the help of Matt Newcombe my new bass handling assistant 🙂



Although it was a slow night all round the whole crew managed a few fish and the banter was in top gear.
Adam the newbie had a great time, it’s hard not to when to land a couple of fish on your first session .
Good stuff all round and praise be to the people at Marukyu for bringing us magic in the form of a rag worm.