The Sunline always shines on the righteous

Some of you will know I get a golden ticket to fish a totally exclusive mark (MOD) this mark has never disappointed, only exceeded my expectations each & every time we fish it. Sure for Big Bass the back tide is a winning formula, When the down lights are on the fish are active. But for the LRF angler using a balanced outfit any tide in almost any conditions work. I mean last night was like casting into tar, I’m not joking.

But still we managed to find a small area with a strong light shining into the water and we caught fish. I’m not gona lie and say it was a fish a cast but we both went into double figures on the Light rock fishing gear. Mostly Pollock & Herring but I managed to wrangle a fat bass from below the pontoon we fished from.

Danny borrowed my Nories rock fish Bottom UL which he liked the sensitivity of but he prefers a much more bendy rod. The rockfish Bottom UL can be a stiff rod but my catch rate is far greater than any other rod I use. Having said that a good ole bend in a rod is part of the excitement of LRF, Ultra light fishing.

I took the Nories Seabass program tide controller out for another session on light jig heads, starting off with a 2.3g ecogear shirasu fine jig head & an Ecogearaqua strawtail in active Chartreuse Glow

Mr Pollock was first to entertain my Lure “On the Drop” ( OTD )



Things went quiet for a while so I cracked a Beer. ” the Magic hour” ( the magic hour is a term in photography where the streetlights are on but still light out side.)


Fishing LRF I love the magic hour some marks with fixed downlighting can produce some great fish. The herring you see above was one of about 5 caught with Danny landing about the same amount. Although not easy it would seem the fish can still see the lures through this thick muddy water.

A reassuring sight was a few shoals of Sand eels this surely should trigger the bigger silver bars, and with that thought I bagged a fat bass.


I love the rod, blown away by the smoothness of the reel but the fluro from sunline was the best choice of the night. With the wind getting up a braid would have made things a wee bit harder. By using the fluro I was able to cast more accurately.

Herring are you hearing me.

Sight fishing is an extremely exciting method of catching a fish but last nights session on the LRF gear was more frustrating than exciting. I could see the herring, I could see the fish they where gorging on but no matter what I chucked at them, the herring just did not care. They had plenty of other fish to fry ( see what I did there)
I did manage four or five proper in the hand catches ( a few more managed to unhook themselves with an impressive air display)


This beauty ( not that you can see it) was caught using the new nories 2″ shrilpin SP’s not measured one but I think they might be more than 2″ but they worked so who cares.
I went through the whole bag ( almost) to try and catch more of this ball of herring right in front of my nose. A few came in on a 3G tackle house nabura deka & one a green aqua strawtail from using an unusual 2g jighead from illex. This jighead uses a unusual way of attaching the lure. But I won’t harp on about jigheads for fear of sounds like a knob. 😉

Species is the name of the game

Last nights light rock fish session seen a huge variety of species from the ole faithful pollock in large numbers, gold sinny wrasse, herring, long spined & short spine scorpion fish (both really large for our area.) smelt, pouting, goby, blennie & tompot blennies.
The herring was a first for me on lures. Although between three of us fishing well over 60 were landed and safely returned only scented baits seemed to be working from the ecogear & power isome corner and a good few brought in by berkleys one inch minnows ( only seem to be able to obtain these from the USA) provided by Mark Powers another hard core all year round finesse Angler.I really enjoy Marks enthusiasm for the sport he will always be testing out some of his own ideas with great success. Matt Newcome was putting his new Nories slow retrieve through its paces and is very pleased with the most expensive rod he has ever purchased ( good job) me I was playing with some Sunline fluro 2.5 lb. Straight through. Verdict… I like it alot. Although I don’t tend to photograph many fish these days I feel the need to photograph one of the scorpion fish although it’s size is not apparent in the image the other image is of a herring.