Back in the devils backyard

Armed with another golden ticket allowing access to a very special mark I had very high expectations!!!!!
The mark usually fishes so well on the back tide……..not last night!
I got home rather deflated, but in reflection I had an alright night.
With the sun behind us our long shadows loomed inside the area we wanted to fish, this mark also fishes well in the dark! While waiting for the darkness I thought I spotted a Bass. Sight casting a Nories Shrilpin 2” lure with a ecogear shirasu jig head seemed to spook the fish. I seen another bass and began reeling in much quicker than usual……. My Rod, a Nories sea bass program tide controller slowly looped over, seaweed? The drag on the reel slowly turned picking up speed gradually. It must be weed in the current, no sign of any head shaking resistance. I continued reeling in. My Mate Tony went for the net, I didn’t question him thinking he was kindly going to help me with the mess on the hook. All of a sudden the line went slack…. I’m free cool. Then the usually calm Tony shouts reel faster it’s coming towards you…… With in seconds a fine specimen was in the net. All very unexciting, a good few reports of mullet suggest they go like stink. My mullet was rather uneventful but a first for me.




As the sun sank into Plymouth Hoe I was bracing myself for a night of crazy Bass fishing. All about large takes from the surface producing. Ripples every where, dorsil fins up out of the water it had to be a good night. I went slightly smaller on my jighead down to a size ten 0.9 gram with a ecogear aquagear aji straight.

Followed by a rather healthy
Scorpion fish


The next and only fish was a large mackerel! He made my night, he gave me the fight the mullet should have. He was awesome



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I’m Floundered

While I caught a couple of nice flounder a ummmm eerrrr  seagull  and a herring. Marcus from surly was the star of the night. Read his blog it’s well worth it.
A quick summery of events….
On arrival I was informed about a large ( extremely large for LRF standards) bass caught moments before my arrival. I look across to congratulate Marcus but he was a bit tied up!!!!! I had met Marcus last year just as he was thinking about getting into LRF so to see him well and truly hooked, sporting a majorcraft zalts and a shimano rarenium 3000 was a pleasing sight. I wondered over to enquire about the lure that just caught the monster bass. I was reminded of a scene from the film ” something about Mary ” you know the Frank & Beans chapter ” right 1,2 & ” we got a bleeder!”


This image was taken just after I managed to remove one of the hooks that had fortunately (or unfortunately depending on who’s arm it’s in) gone through and come out back out again allowing me, with my trusty surgical forceps from AGM fishing to crush the barb and push back through the entry hole. The image you see above was the next stage and I promise you it was much deeper than it looks in the image. Tugging & pulling the hook it just wasn’t coming free. The options seemed limited to push it through like the first hook crush the barb and he’s a free man, or yank it out!!!  What would you do????

Me……… I yanked it out. Fortunately marcus was a big brave boy, he didn’t make a sound and thankfully didn’t punch me either.

He got back to fishing and was straight into another Bass.

I’d not even rigged my kit up!!!!

Choosing the Nories Sea Bass program tide controller I wanted to unleash my New secret weapon  a Seaspin Pro-Q 90 , 10g ‘s of sheer who could resist bling! it launched out like a missile. I left it dead sticking for a wee while then began my assault on the bass below, unfortunately I was outflanked by Air support in the form of a kamikaze Seagull. I screamed , I swore and then i got distracted by the sound of the sunline braid pealing of the spool of the Stella 1000fe making such lovely music. Back to reality and a call for help , my fellow LRF’ers stopped laughing and helped out. Mike got a towel out of my Van and went about the bird with a blowtorch and a pair of pliers, well I reckon he would have done if I had a blowtorch in the van.

Thanks mike!!! The seagull flew off, emptied it’s bowles and all his mates flew off with him.

I put my new Sea Spin Pro-q 90 back in its box for another day, very confident in its abilities.

Above is a weapon capable of taking big cast a leap further, A lure for the bigger pluggers amongst us. I will be giving this lure away at the end of this update.

Back to the action, all went quiet for a while before I felt a decent tug on a ecogear aqua gear swim shrimp ‘4; in pear with size 2 1.8g skip in the shade jig…. Thank you vey much a decent sized flounder.

Light Rock Fishing or Street fishing?

LRF Flounder Plymouth

Again all went silent……. Marcus was getting bothered by a few smelt, the end result to that little duel was Marcus 1 Smelt 0

Mike gave me his new Megabass LRF rod ( a real beauty) I asked him if he had caught anything on it, his reply was ” no not yet”

Finesse Fishing Plymouth Flounder on LRF gear

Well thats Mikes rod Blooded!!! Another flounder 😉

On going joke with us as Mike did the same to me twice on two separate rods last year.

A totally fantastic night, new fishing pals with like minded attitudes to modern lure fishing with catch, release , and have a laugh .

I managed a Herring as most of the Lads were leaving, Staying on I had a good chat to a Chap called frankie who was desperate to blood his new Majorcraft Crostage LRF rod and by preserving he did, I mighty fine Pollock.

SO the big lure give away!!!  To Win a Super Seaspin Pro-Q 145  All answers on face book  hit like   “Light Rock fishing UK’    and drop you answers under this blog link . I’m floundered

post an answer to this cryptic question

What predator did I manage to catch with my first cast with a Seaspin pro Q 90?

a A Gurt big Bass

b A Seagull ( ha like who would be stupid enough to do that)

C A Flounder

D A Herring

Answers will be picked at random at the end of the month