UFC Pollock, Heavy weight Bass & poor Cod


I managed to get a golden ticket into a very restricted area that always fishes really for me.

I took along my Nories RockFish Bottom UL, 2010 Certate reel spooled up with Sunline Rockfish PE 0.3 braid with a two foot Sunline 6lb Siglon FC leader.

Straight away I was into pollock, Some people moan about Pollock being rats of the ocean but me, I like em. I like the opportunity to test out lures that might not always get a look in due to the mega success I’m having with Ecogear Aqua lures mainly strawtail grubs & the Power Isome rag worm imitation.

On thursday I started off with an aqua Strawtail  grub in Orange with a 1.8 g Shirasu Fine Head size 6 hook also from ecogear   as the games begun.

The pollock were unusually feisty battling all the way to the pontoon I was casting of many of them taking a last effort deep dive taking line off an already tight drag. the stamp of pollock was pretty good really with sizes ranging from 1lb – to almost 3lb on the bogas

I switched over to a regular straw tail in Pink  ( no scent but much tougher than the Aqua so tend to last longer)  first cast, I let it sink before lifting the rod gently………..Yep fish on but this wasn’t a pollock. this fish really put up a fight taking line, making dives off, surfacing allowing me to see the tell tail flash of silver before shooting off into another direction.

The rod & reel both worked well, for me my current favourite combination.

Danny came along to my rescue with a landing net, 2 1/2 pound on the bogas. Great night! a few more fish came along including a Poor cod.

I also took out for the first time my latest edition, a Nories rough surf 88, beautiful rod seems really well balanced with a Certate 2500. I fished with a Zenith  z-claw ‘deadfish’ I had Sunline Momentum 4×4 16lb with a 16lb leader also sunline siglon fluro carbon.

I must admit the calling for the light gear was stronger so went back to the LRF rod of the night.

“Andrew what camera should I buy”,

Ok not strictly on topic but stick with me………..I often get asked about compact cameras

“which one should I buy” to be honist I don’t really keep up on the latest trends as I tend to recommend the Canon G series ( the latest one being the G12) I have a G7 and see no reason to change…….or do I??? Enter the Panasonic Lumix ts-3 waterproof camera.

Here is a test http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/Q311…pactgrouptest/ if you cant be bothered to read it trust me the Panasonic with it’s Leica lens will last you a got while.

The big 35mm style digital cameras are always going to give you best results!!! huge files with fantastic sensors for capturing detail……amazing detail in low light if needed. These beauties are not always the rock hopping anglers first choice and I can see why especially as the mid range digital SLR’s have very little weather seals and the salty air will eventually destroy the body & lens over time with prolonged exposure to the harsh elements pardon the pun. You also have the extra baggage & weight that goes along with pro gear.

I’ve said it before but I have the upmost respect for Photographers / anglers, Henry springs to mind, How difficult must it be to decide between both passions. Imagine your fishing partner is pulling in Bass, as a photographer to want to get the best angle, exposure & composition while at the same time you just want to fish. ENTER the camera above…….. it might not have all the manual override buttons or the choice of lenses but it’s small, clever & water proof. Catch & Release is a large part of my fishing which can limit bragging rights so a good photograph can not only preserve the well deserved rights but also provide images for the Blog.