Pike party


While my target fish was trout this Pike came in on a Plug from Ecogear CX35HS




Pike Jack caught in a trout lake using Aqua bream prawn from Ecogear

Pike Jack caught in a trout lake using Aqua bream prawn from Ecogear



Today was possibly the wettest ever, Yesterday the Mayans predicted the World will end……Fire balls from the sky! this might have happened had it not been for the biblical rain we experienced today. This Blog has been particularly slack recently but getting motivated to stand in the rain day after day catching the same species becomes a bit hard to write about.

I am pleased to report on my first and second ever Pike today!!! only wee jacks but I’m proud non the less.

Trout was to be my main target but I’ll settle for pike any day of the week. I look forward to targeting these rather addictive fish with with the correct balanced tackle.

The first came early doors then a very long gap a coffee in the new fishing wagon while my boots dried out then back out into the rain to be rewarded with another pike 🙂

“Pike” you stupid boy

I had a great opportunity to go Pike – fresh water luring last week.This was a trip I was really looking forward to as I was going to meet up with Danny Parkin’s a Pike guru and Matt Newcombe the french LRF Janner Champ. Matt was the only one to catch & boy did he catch. First cast he plucked a foul hooked roach, a first for Matt. Soon after a 6.5lb pike his biggest to date ( it bit him on the thumb, serves him right for catching all the bloody fish) we moved to another of Danny”s spots second cast Matt onto a 7.5 lb pike another PB. after a bit of walking about we went back to our original location only to see Matt foul hook another Roach. I took my new Nories rough surf 88 for its first outing along with the Nories rockfish bottom jighead snapper.
With Perch jumping allover the place I was sure my lucky ecogear SX40LC would bag me a fish……..but sadly no.
Both Danny & Matt were using baitcasting rods & reels.
Matt was using his new Shimano Anatres dc7 baitcasting reel a beautiful piece of design tethered to a jackall rod.
I was smitten so bad I ordered a couple of bait casting travel rods and a shimano scorpion dc7 reel. woo hooo
I didn’t mention I had a go at casting matts set up with no success. time for a bit of casting lessons I think