LRF Cyprus, little remaining fish or light rock fishing

So I like a holiday, especially if it has been planned around a bit of fishing. The trip to Cyprus was booked a week before we went so I had very little time to swat up on the area of Paphos . As it turned out I went to an aqua desert!!! beautiful clear waters, amazing reefs but no fish. It was a family holiday so I had no intentions of going out deep sea fishing but we did manage to get on a glass bottom boat. We floated over a spanish wreck but I only spotted about three fish about the size of our smelt???

Later we stopped near a reef so I took the opportunity to pull out my Graphiteleader compatto travel rod,  handy ehh!

I managed about four wee fish  no pics but they kind of looked like a smelt in colour but had more of a bronto/ dorado shape, only much smaller…… a size 10 fine shirasu ecogear jighead 2.5g with added split shot just to get down, loaded up with a green  aquagear strawtail grub.

Slightly disheartened I decided to put the five piece rod together again for a few hours before returning the wet UK. using the same egogear jig head with a tiny peice of power isome in pink I managed a few tiny black bream………….. I found out later the fresh water fishing is fantastic in a near by dam with Zander & largemouth bass on the list but like I said earlier  this was a family holiday….. Look how messed up the jig head is from all the attacks from the wee bream.

Look close enough at the ecogear shirasu fine jig head you can see the bite marks left from the aggressive little black bream from Cyprus.

LRF in Cyprus, if you are thinking about a fishing holiday in Paphos Cyprus I would urge you to think again unless you plan to go deepsea fishing or fancy a bit of fresh water on the near by dams.

Black bream caught on a slither of power isome in Cyprus

Ecogear or Eco Warrior

Ecogear Bream prawn is also on the menu for our Harbour Pollock, caught using a Nories slow retrieve 74, Shimano Stella 100fe and Sunline rockfish 0.4 pe braid.

Nories Slow retreive 74 ( non F version) this rod loves to bend
Ecogear bream prawn, nories Slow retrieve 74, stella 1000 fe and Sunline rock fish braid. Pollock fishing on LRF gear in Plymouth

Aji is Japanese for Scad. Scad are probably the most fun fish to catch on a light lure rod. I'm using a Nories Slow retreive suitable for casting weights  up to 3.5g
This Fantastically powerful scad was caught using a 0.9g shirasu fine jig head with a small piece of pink Power Isome.

Plymouth Scad
This scad was caught using an ecogear 0.9g shirasu fine jig head with a small piece of pink Power Isome from Marukyu.

Mackerel from a harbour
This Mackerel went like stink, my Nories Slow retrieve can bend into a semi circle. caught thanks to the power of the isome in Pink.

Gold sinny wrasse
Gold sinny wrasse, some people say these wee fish are rare. Not in Plymouth. We are catching these wrasse regularly. Power isome cut into sections on a size 10 or smaller hook with spilt shot is a poller method of catching these. I caught this on a ecogear shirasu fine jig head weighting in a a mighty 0.9g

Had a wonderful night last night, fished a mark known for its weed and lost a far bit of tackle, I don’t like the idea of leaving my junk in the sea. I understand the jigheads eventualy  rust away quickly but what happens to all the soft plastics??

I got me thinking…..Geek stuff beware

Some of you might know I’m testing  some products by Ecogear Aquagear and Marukyu in the form Power Isome. We all know both products catch loads of fish and certainly give us the edge, accounting for most of the fish caught on the LRF shores.

Is there more to the ethos of Ecogear / Ecoaquagear? The clue is in the Name. The Ecogear / EcoAquagear products are 100%  perfectly  Biodegradable ( not just Biodegradable).

Some products decompose at faster rates than others. Ecogear products are designed to be fully fledged biodegradable plastics.

To cut out all the nitty gritty,Some companies claim to biodegradable, these plastics lose there form and become invisible to our eyes but still exist.  by taking extra measures Ecogear products go one step further by entering a cycle of nature! Totally non toxic and friendly to environment.

More info can be found here

“An enzyme called lipase in microorganisms breaks up esters into alcohol and acid, which are eventually turned into water and carbon dioxide. The main material of ECOGEAR’s biodegradable plastic worms is therefore nontoxic and friendly to the environment.”

I knew Booze would play a part somewhere in the whole process 😉

Tict inbite LRF fishing with more power

The tict inbite, 7.10 in length 0.9g – 12 g light lure rod. The rod bag is unusual made from fantastically thick neoprene. it’s so thick it doesn’t fold in half! In my opinion this type of rod case should be the minimum standard I would expect from every rod sold. The Reins RAZ Ajiringer-Z has a similar rod bag but no where near as thick. The Nories rods come in a pathetic bag similar to most rod bags. So good start Tict!

The rod sports a stealthy black finish in two sections. The handle is EVA & unusual as it tapers in along the blank. Making it a very comfortable rod to hold.
The Fuji K guides are also unusual in that they are with out doubt the smallest guides I have ever seen, If your eyesight is not sharp these guides might be a tad frustrating.
So is the Tict rod suitable for UK light rock fishing? in my view yes, yes, yes.
For me especially I like my LRF rods to have more power, I always prefer Tube tip rods over solid tips. It has a similar feel to my Nories Slow retrieve 710 but sits somewhere between the SR710 & the Nories Seabass program. Both fantastic rods that I rate Highly. The price of the tict rod provided by Art of Fishing is so competitive its a no brainer, the Japanese market is often much cheaper to buy rods but you will have to risk the rat run of damaged boxes, duty paid on landing to the UK & the ever increasing stick up fro exchange rates not to mention a total lack of warranty of support. Buy in the UK get UK support.
At the same time as the Tick rod arrived Ben & Jo also had a fine selection of YAMAGA BLANKS rods, among the fine selection was the Blue Current 80 casting 1g -11g and weighing in at only 81grams. I think this rod will be a close contender for the “Mid priced Slightly heaver LRF style rod” But having not fished it I couldn’t comment on how the
Blue Current 80 & the Tict inbite 710 compare.
I know Sam Bosch from Menorca Spain has landed some of the largest fish I have ever seen on such a light rod. 😉 One day I might get the opportunity to do a direct comparison but in the mean time I know I have chosen the right rod for me.
I have been balancing the Tict with a 1000FE Stella and they seem to make a good partnership.So did I need the Tict rod, yerp……… Do you????
With the Squid around in the next few weeks, and the possibility of some larger Bass showing up I’m gona have the right rod ready.
If your thinking a rod that heavy ( in LRF terms) won’t have the sensitivity you might be mistaken. Last night was the second outing with the Tict and the first fish came from the smallest of bites resulting in this gobie, the rest of the night was spent pulling in 11 micro Pollock. All caught on Ecogear LRF lures, either a
Aqua Katsu Mebaru Shirasu in chartreuse or a white Aqua straw tail on a 1.4g jighead or a Jackall Mameta Mini Jigging Casting Metal Jig 3 g in Sardine





I’m Floundered

While I caught a couple of nice flounder a ummmm eerrrr  seagull  and a herring. Marcus from surly was the star of the night. Read his blog it’s well worth it.
A quick summery of events….
On arrival I was informed about a large ( extremely large for LRF standards) bass caught moments before my arrival. I look across to congratulate Marcus but he was a bit tied up!!!!! I had met Marcus last year just as he was thinking about getting into LRF so to see him well and truly hooked, sporting a majorcraft zalts and a shimano rarenium 3000 was a pleasing sight. I wondered over to enquire about the lure that just caught the monster bass. I was reminded of a scene from the film ” something about Mary ” you know the Frank & Beans chapter ” right 1,2 & ” we got a bleeder!”


This image was taken just after I managed to remove one of the hooks that had fortunately (or unfortunately depending on who’s arm it’s in) gone through and come out back out again allowing me, with my trusty surgical forceps from AGM fishing to crush the barb and push back through the entry hole. The image you see above was the next stage and I promise you it was much deeper than it looks in the image. Tugging & pulling the hook it just wasn’t coming free. The options seemed limited to push it through like the first hook crush the barb and he’s a free man, or yank it out!!!  What would you do????

Me……… I yanked it out. Fortunately marcus was a big brave boy, he didn’t make a sound and thankfully didn’t punch me either.

He got back to fishing and was straight into another Bass.

I’d not even rigged my kit up!!!!

Choosing the Nories Sea Bass program tide controller I wanted to unleash my New secret weapon  a Seaspin Pro-Q 90 , 10g ‘s of sheer who could resist bling! it launched out like a missile. I left it dead sticking for a wee while then began my assault on the bass below, unfortunately I was outflanked by Air support in the form of a kamikaze Seagull. I screamed , I swore and then i got distracted by the sound of the sunline braid pealing of the spool of the Stella 1000fe making such lovely music. Back to reality and a call for help , my fellow LRF’ers stopped laughing and helped out. Mike got a towel out of my Van and went about the bird with a blowtorch and a pair of pliers, well I reckon he would have done if I had a blowtorch in the van.

Thanks mike!!! The seagull flew off, emptied it’s bowles and all his mates flew off with him.

I put my new Sea Spin Pro-q 90 back in its box for another day, very confident in its abilities.

Above is a weapon capable of taking big cast a leap further, A lure for the bigger pluggers amongst us. I will be giving this lure away at the end of this update.

Back to the action, all went quiet for a while before I felt a decent tug on a ecogear aqua gear swim shrimp ‘4; in pear with size 2 1.8g skip in the shade jig…. Thank you vey much a decent sized flounder.

Light Rock Fishing or Street fishing?

LRF Flounder Plymouth

Again all went silent……. Marcus was getting bothered by a few smelt, the end result to that little duel was Marcus 1 Smelt 0

Mike gave me his new Megabass LRF rod ( a real beauty) I asked him if he had caught anything on it, his reply was ” no not yet”

Finesse Fishing Plymouth Flounder on LRF gear

Well thats Mikes rod Blooded!!! Another flounder 😉

On going joke with us as Mike did the same to me twice on two separate rods last year.

A totally fantastic night, new fishing pals with like minded attitudes to modern lure fishing with catch, release , and have a laugh .

I managed a Herring as most of the Lads were leaving, Staying on I had a good chat to a Chap called frankie who was desperate to blood his new Majorcraft Crostage LRF rod and by preserving he did, I mighty fine Pollock.

SO the big lure give away!!!  To Win a Super Seaspin Pro-Q 145  All answers on face book  hit like   “Light Rock fishing UK’    and drop you answers under this blog link . I’m floundered

post an answer to this cryptic question

What predator did I manage to catch with my first cast with a Seaspin pro Q 90?

a A Gurt big Bass

b A Seagull ( ha like who would be stupid enough to do that)

C A Flounder

D A Herring

Answers will be picked at random at the end of the month