LRF Cyprus, little remaining fish or light rock fishing

So I like a holiday, especially if it has been planned around a bit of fishing. The trip to Cyprus was booked a week before we went so I had very little time to swat up on the area of Paphos . As it turned out I went to an aqua desert!!! beautiful clear waters, amazing reefs but no fish. It was a family holiday so I had no intentions of going out deep sea fishing but we did manage to get on a glass bottom boat. We floated over a spanish wreck but I only spotted about three fish about the size of our smelt???

Later we stopped near a reef so I took the opportunity to pull out my Graphiteleader compatto travel rod,  handy ehh!

I managed about four wee fish  no pics but they kind of looked like a smelt in colour but had more of a bronto/ dorado shape, only much smaller…… a size 10 fine shirasu ecogear jighead 2.5g with added split shot just to get down, loaded up with a green  aquagear strawtail grub.

Slightly disheartened I decided to put the five piece rod together again for a few hours before returning the wet UK. using the same egogear jig head with a tiny peice of power isome in pink I managed a few tiny black bream………….. I found out later the fresh water fishing is fantastic in a near by dam with Zander & largemouth bass on the list but like I said earlier  this was a family holiday….. Look how messed up the jig head is from all the attacks from the wee bream.

Look close enough at the ecogear shirasu fine jig head you can see the bite marks left from the aggressive little black bream from Cyprus.

LRF in Cyprus, if you are thinking about a fishing holiday in Paphos Cyprus I would urge you to think again unless you plan to go deepsea fishing or fancy a bit of fresh water on the near by dams.

Black bream caught on a slither of power isome in Cyprus

Tict inbite LRF fishing with more power

The tict inbite, 7.10 in length 0.9g – 12 g light lure rod. The rod bag is unusual made from fantastically thick neoprene. it’s so thick it doesn’t fold in half! In my opinion this type of rod case should be the minimum standard I would expect from every rod sold. The Reins RAZ Ajiringer-Z has a similar rod bag but no where near as thick. The Nories rods come in a pathetic bag similar to most rod bags. So good start Tict!

The rod sports a stealthy black finish in two sections. The handle is EVA & unusual as it tapers in along the blank. Making it a very comfortable rod to hold.
The Fuji K guides are also unusual in that they are with out doubt the smallest guides I have ever seen, If your eyesight is not sharp these guides might be a tad frustrating.
So is the Tict rod suitable for UK light rock fishing? in my view yes, yes, yes.
For me especially I like my LRF rods to have more power, I always prefer Tube tip rods over solid tips. It has a similar feel to my Nories Slow retrieve 710 but sits somewhere between the SR710 & the Nories Seabass program. Both fantastic rods that I rate Highly. The price of the tict rod provided by Art of Fishing is so competitive its a no brainer, the Japanese market is often much cheaper to buy rods but you will have to risk the rat run of damaged boxes, duty paid on landing to the UK & the ever increasing stick up fro exchange rates not to mention a total lack of warranty of support. Buy in the UK get UK support.
At the same time as the Tick rod arrived Ben & Jo also had a fine selection of YAMAGA BLANKS rods, among the fine selection was the Blue Current 80 casting 1g -11g and weighing in at only 81grams. I think this rod will be a close contender for the “Mid priced Slightly heaver LRF style rod” But having not fished it I couldn’t comment on how the
Blue Current 80 & the Tict inbite 710 compare.
I know Sam Bosch from Menorca Spain has landed some of the largest fish I have ever seen on such a light rod. 😉 One day I might get the opportunity to do a direct comparison but in the mean time I know I have chosen the right rod for me.
I have been balancing the Tict with a 1000FE Stella and they seem to make a good partnership.So did I need the Tict rod, yerp……… Do you????
With the Squid around in the next few weeks, and the possibility of some larger Bass showing up I’m gona have the right rod ready.
If your thinking a rod that heavy ( in LRF terms) won’t have the sensitivity you might be mistaken. Last night was the second outing with the Tict and the first fish came from the smallest of bites resulting in this gobie, the rest of the night was spent pulling in 11 micro Pollock. All caught on Ecogear LRF lures, either a
Aqua Katsu Mebaru Shirasu in chartreuse or a white Aqua straw tail on a 1.4g jighead or a Jackall Mameta Mini Jigging Casting Metal Jig 3 g in Sardine





Back in the devils backyard

Armed with another golden ticket allowing access to a very special mark I had very high expectations!!!!!
The mark usually fishes so well on the back tide……..not last night!
I got home rather deflated, but in reflection I had an alright night.
With the sun behind us our long shadows loomed inside the area we wanted to fish, this mark also fishes well in the dark! While waiting for the darkness I thought I spotted a Bass. Sight casting a Nories Shrilpin 2” lure with a ecogear shirasu jig head seemed to spook the fish. I seen another bass and began reeling in much quicker than usual……. My Rod, a Nories sea bass program tide controller slowly looped over, seaweed? The drag on the reel slowly turned picking up speed gradually. It must be weed in the current, no sign of any head shaking resistance. I continued reeling in. My Mate Tony went for the net, I didn’t question him thinking he was kindly going to help me with the mess on the hook. All of a sudden the line went slack…. I’m free cool. Then the usually calm Tony shouts reel faster it’s coming towards you…… With in seconds a fine specimen was in the net. All very unexciting, a good few reports of mullet suggest they go like stink. My mullet was rather uneventful but a first for me.




As the sun sank into Plymouth Hoe I was bracing myself for a night of crazy Bass fishing. All about large takes from the surface producing. Ripples every where, dorsil fins up out of the water it had to be a good night. I went slightly smaller on my jighead down to a size ten 0.9 gram with a ecogear aquagear aji straight.

Followed by a rather healthy
Scorpion fish


The next and only fish was a large mackerel! He made my night, he gave me the fight the mullet should have. He was awesome



Don’t forget the Lure Comp is still running. For a chance to win a magnificent Seaspin Pro-Q 145 answer the question on my previous blog entry ” I’m Floundered”

Answers on Facebook pages “Light rock Fishing UK or send a message on here.

Cor Fu, Living the Bream dream

Just came back from an awesome trip to the lush green Greek Island of Corfu.

I took my travel kit with me which consists of two Graphiteleader travel rods. a 1000fe shimanio Stella loaded with a fresh spool of Sunline rockfish 0.4 pe for use on the LRF Finezza 0.6 – 8g & a 2500R certate loaded with 16lb momentum also from Sunline ready to strap to the HRF Argento compatto.

My first outing was really frustrating, I was fishing 100 yards from my hotel lodge and was getting loads of tiny but aggressive bites. I went down as far as a size 10 hook but still struggled to catch. I gave up in favour of some small plugs. No sooner than attaching a wee Dawia Sc Shiner weighing in at a megga 3.5g I spotted a decent size fish. Assuming it was a mullet I made the cast anyway……..bang straight into the mouth of passing fish. A good tussle and a welcome flash of silver confirmed it wasn’t a Mullet but a Bass.

The rock I was standing on made landing the 2 1/2 pound beauty difficult  , so carefully I hand lined the fish up & thumbed it. I could feel a treble point near my index finder and tried to get a safer grip but the lost the fish and my wee Shiner plug as my Uni to Uni knot gave up. Gutted but happy to get my hand on a fish.
The next trip was a mile away and I finally managed to catch one of the pesky lil bream. Green lures are the order of the day in the form of an Aquagear aji straight on a size ten decoy rocket 0.9g I also managed a beautiful rock fish with amazing colours.
My last session was an hour before leaving, I took some local advice and hired a pedlow. Straight away trolling an ecogear plug I had a good fish on but managed to loose it. This happened a few times. Next I tried a few plugs but I couldn’t get them deep enough so back to jig heads. Due to the lack of contact I went for a small hook. The decoy rocket size ten went on with a bit of extra split to get me down. surprisingly the fish stayed on much longer showing itself to be a much bigger bream probably just under a pound but this one managed to straighten my hook. With time running out I was getting desperate. I put a spin mad Polish lure on and got interest but I couldn’t keep my fish.
The savour of the day was an ecogear shrimp lure zx35. I’m so pleased to have caught on this lure as I have had it for ages bit never had the confidence to keep it on long enough. I ended up with about 12 decent bream.
You will notice the lack of photography to accompany my blog bit unfortunately I lost my camera bag over side of the pedlow…… 🙂 all the holiday pics gone in an instant.
Like Matt Newcome said no pics .,,.,, It never happened 😦 Unfortunately we don’t have any holiday images of our baby abroad either. I don’t really give a monkeys about the equipment although the camera bag a billingham hadley has been with me for 20 years on all my trips abroad.

The Sunline always shines on the righteous

Some of you will know I get a golden ticket to fish a totally exclusive mark (MOD) this mark has never disappointed, only exceeded my expectations each & every time we fish it. Sure for Big Bass the back tide is a winning formula, When the down lights are on the fish are active. But for the LRF angler using a balanced outfit any tide in almost any conditions work. I mean last night was like casting into tar, I’m not joking.

But still we managed to find a small area with a strong light shining into the water and we caught fish. I’m not gona lie and say it was a fish a cast but we both went into double figures on the Light rock fishing gear. Mostly Pollock & Herring but I managed to wrangle a fat bass from below the pontoon we fished from.

Danny borrowed my Nories rock fish Bottom UL which he liked the sensitivity of but he prefers a much more bendy rod. The rockfish Bottom UL can be a stiff rod but my catch rate is far greater than any other rod I use. Having said that a good ole bend in a rod is part of the excitement of LRF, Ultra light fishing.

I took the Nories Seabass program tide controller out for another session on light jig heads, starting off with a 2.3g ecogear shirasu fine jig head & an Ecogearaqua strawtail in active Chartreuse Glow

Mr Pollock was first to entertain my Lure “On the Drop” ( OTD )



Things went quiet for a while so I cracked a Beer. ” the Magic hour” ( the magic hour is a term in photography where the streetlights are on but still light out side.)


Fishing LRF I love the magic hour some marks with fixed downlighting can produce some great fish. The herring you see above was one of about 5 caught with Danny landing about the same amount. Although not easy it would seem the fish can still see the lures through this thick muddy water.

A reassuring sight was a few shoals of Sand eels this surely should trigger the bigger silver bars, and with that thought I bagged a fat bass.


I love the rod, blown away by the smoothness of the reel but the fluro from sunline was the best choice of the night. With the wind getting up a braid would have made things a wee bit harder. By using the fluro I was able to cast more accurately.