Herring are you hearing me.

Sight fishing is an extremely exciting method of catching a fish but last nights session on the LRF gear was more frustrating than exciting. I could see the herring, I could see the fish they where gorging on but no matter what I chucked at them, the herring just did not care. They had plenty of other fish to fry ( see what I did there)
I did manage four or five proper in the hand catches ( a few more managed to unhook themselves with an impressive air display)


This beauty ( not that you can see it) was caught using the new nories 2″ shrilpin SP’s not measured one but I think they might be more than 2″ but they worked so who cares.
I went through the whole bag ( almost) to try and catch more of this ball of herring right in front of my nose. A few came in on a 3G tackle house nabura deka & one a green aqua strawtail from using an unusual 2g jighead from illex. This jighead uses a unusual way of attaching the lure. But I won’t harp on about jigheads for fear of sounds like a knob. 😉